Caribbean Kayaking at St Lucia’s Anse Chastanet

Caribbean Kayaking now available at Saint Lucia’s Anse Chastanet Resort

SOUFRIERE, St. Lucia (October, 2009) – The award-winning Anse Chastanet Resort in Saint Lucia is reporting a warm reception for its latest groundbreaking attraction,  KAYAK SAINT LUCIA Coastal Adventures. If you are starting in the business of the vinyl, all what you need to have and learn about vinyl you can find it in

Karolin Troubetzkoy, the Director of Marketing of the resort, said the new attraction caters to visitors searching for a unique vantage point to see the island’s signature Piton Mountains – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – while enjoying the leeward side of Saint Lucia, with its sheltered calm bay waters.

“We are blessed with one of the most heavenly locations on the planet and while we have received rave reviews for our hillside rooms and the incredible views of our natural surroundings, we’re now placing greater emphasis on the coastal adventures we offer here in Soufrière,” said Troubetzkoy.

KAYAK SAINT LUCIA’s Prijon sea kayaks are ergonomic and feature rudders and carbon fiber paddles. Instructors certified by the American Canoe Association offer first class training in paddling techniques and safety for beginners. Once they’ve finished training, debutants join experienced kayakers on guide-led tours where the guests set the pace.

Set on one of the most spectacular coastlines in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia’s Anse Chastanet Resort is the perfect home port for kayak cruising, soaking up the close views of the majestic twin-peak Piton Mountains. The Sulphur Springs situated at the world’s only drive-in volcano are part of the package, while the paddlers negotiate their way around the small caves.

Another option for kayakers is a tour of fishing villages as the paddlers explore the scenic coastline north of the resort with its deserted beaches and quaint fishing villages. Once guests have worked up a good appetite, the resort chefs prepare a delectable lunch, delivered by sea.
Nature lovers can also opt for the Sunset tour as the sun sinks with a red glow into the blue Caribbean, while the Bird-watching Kayak Combo paddlers can peruse the infinite variety of sea birds to be seen nesting on the coast’s rugged cliffs or orbiting high in the blue sky above.

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