St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain resort has received many accolades for its visionary approach to hotel design, as well as the unparalleled views of the iconic Piton peaks rising out of the Caribbean Sea, but now, it has attracted even more global attention because of the world-class food it offers.

The culinary team at Jade Mountain, under the leadership of Chef de Cuisine Elijah Jules and guided by consulting chef Allen Susser, has been awarded a coveted Gault Millau rating, making it only one of four restaurants in the Eastern Caribbean to receive a 3-Toque rating. 

The French expert reviewers described Jade Mountain as “a truly wonderful discovery …  an exceptional venue – an opulent ecological sanctuary surrounded by nature – facing two volcanic spires” with its restaurant perched on the side of a mountain with “breathtaking views.”

The distinguished guide noted “Chef Elijah runs an excellent kitchen brigade with high gastronomic standards,” with the dishes presented in a “refined manner, perfectly cooked, and combined in a harmonious way that brings out the best of the ingredients,” with fruit and vegetables culled from the resort’s own organic farm.

Noting the service keeps up with the “high standards of a world-renowned resort”,  the reviewers concluded that “everything here is conceived to surprise you and take you far away from your everyday life. A lovely gastronomic experience with Caribbean flavors.” 

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Karolin Troubetzkoy, Executive Director of Jade Mountain and its adjoining sister resort Anse Chastanet, said “it is so gratifying to see our highly skilled and dedicated staff getting the international accolades they so richly deserve, and we look forward to advancing even more into the higher levels of gastronomic excellence Chef Elijah and his team have reached.”

Gault & Millau, a high-end French restaurant guide, was founded by two restaurant critics, Henri Gault and Christian Millau in 1969. The rigidly enforced rating system is based purely on the quality of the food. Service, price and ambiance are assessed separately. Gault Millau restaurant ratings are signified by a chef’s Toque (hat) with a maximum of five Toques.

Only a select few restaurants have received the top Gault Millau rating. In the Eastern Caribbean, there are only four restaurants with a 3-Toque rating, according to the guide: Jarad at Le Toiny and La Case de L’Isle in Saint Barthélemy, and Orchidea in Guadeloupe. And now, Jade Mountain Club in St. Lucia.

About Jade Mountain

Rising majestically above the 600-acre beachfront resort of Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain Resort on St. Lucia’s southwestern Caribbean coastline is a cornucopia of organic architecture celebrating the island’s stunning scenic beauty. Architect owner Nick Troubetzkoy has expanded upon his philosophy of building in harmony with Caribbean nature in his creation of Jade Mountain. The bold architectural design – individual bridges leading to exceptional infinity pool sanctuaries and rugged stoned-faced columns reaching towards the sky – makes Jade Mountain one of the Caribbean’s most mesmerizing resort experiences.

For more information, visit www.jademountain.com.