Spices of the Caribbean Food Festival , Jade Mountain St Lucia

Get Spicy!
Spice Up Your Life  at Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia
for the Spices of the Caribbean Food Festival

 Discover the explosive and diverse spices of Saint Lucia at this year’s Spices of the Caribbean Food Festival at Jade MountainDecember 11-152015.  Learn to make luscious rum cocktails using freshly picked nutmeg, ginger, vanilla and cloves. Learn to make piquant beef jerky with the Jerk-Master. Visit  Jade Mountain’s own organic garden at Emerald Estates with consulting chef Allen Susser and harvest handfuls of  cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, tamarind,  and pepper spice just to name a few.  Then begin an unforgettable farm to table culinary journey with the spectacular Pitons as a backdrop and the exquisite and luxurious Jade Mountain as your host.
Chef Susser and his team will share how to blend favorite herbs and spices in a hands-on interactive spice blending class. You will pick your own ingredients distinctive to Saint. Lucia and work with the chefs to prepare dishes for all occasions and palates.  And in between classes, you will indulge in a Spicy Breakfast in Bed and a five-course dinner extravaganza with a Seasonal and Sustainable Menu using locally caught fish and seafood, organic grown produce and spices.

The five day spice-fest runs Friday through Tuesday and includes walking and tasting tours in the resort’s own Organic Estate where award winning Chef Susser guides you through the gardens identifying indigenous spices and assisting in choosing them for various dishes;  Interactive classes that will be given on spice blending so you can discover your own favorite combination of flavors; an East Indian Tandoori class revealing the Caribbean spices in this exotic cuisine; a spice workshop where guests can learn to make Jerk spices and Jade’s Spiced Rum cocktail among other signature Caribbean spice mixtures; spicy breakfasts in bed, burger bashes on the beach and a delicious  five-course dinner all in the star lit Jade Mountain Club. Your senses will be surprised and delighted and after five days of spice immersion, your palate will never be the same.  For more information go to: http://www.jademountain.com/cuisine/jade_club.html

ABOUT JADE MOUNTAIN: The exhilarating pleasures of the Caribbean spices are heightened by the impelling beauty of the Jade Mountain resort…recently awarded 2015 Best Hotel in the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure and by Condé Nast Traveler in their Reader’s Choice Awards.   A stunning structure, Jade Mountain rises majestically above an exclusive 600-acre beachfront estate.  The architecture celebrates and embraces Saint Lucia’s natural scenic beauty.   The sanctuaries are grand sweeping spaces with extravagantly sized private infinity pools which appear to float out to nature and to the amazing views of the Caribbean Sea and towering Pitons. Combine Jade with the spices of the Caribbean and you have an experience that excites all senses.  For reservations call 1- 800-223-11081- 800-223-1108 FREE or contact JADE MOUNTAIN at Tel 758-459-4000, Fax 758-459-4002,

e-mail jademountain@ansechastanet.com

website: www.jademountain.com