St.Lucia Dining at its Best

Anse Chastanet Resort in St.Lucia delivers culinary experiences that match the island’s amazing and diverse history and culture. Guests can choose from hilltop and beachside  dining locations or why not ask the Resort to arrange a private dinner under the stars?

Some of the best dining in Soufriere and St. Lucia can be found at Anse Chastanet. An enticing selection of menus is available in a number of intimate hillside and beachside locations and also, you can pre-book private dining arrangements at the water’s edge on Anse Chastanet beach or in their spa cottage Kai Mer overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Whether you fancy fine tropical Caribbean Cuisine, exotic Creole flavors, or simple grilled fare, you will find it available and more. The resort culinary options also include a St.Lucia- East Indian menu titled Apsara, a wholly vegetarian restaurant called Emerald’s and last not least the Jungle Grill for day time laid back dining on the second beach Anse Mamin.

Anse Chastanet owns and operates their own farm in the Soufriere hills where organic produce is grown exclusively for Anse Chastanet and their sister property Jade Mountain. Only certified organic seeds are used. Resort guests can visit the Emerald’s Estate during their stay.

Caribbean Fine Dining in the Treehouses
Dine in Anse Chastanet’s two open air treehouses overlooking lush tropical foliage and the Caribbean Sea. The Treehouses celebrate award winning Tropical World Cuisine, a blend of Caribbean with other tropical world cuisine experiences. The dinner menu changes daily and is served in a romantic candlelit ambiance, surrounded by beautiful original artwork.  Breakfast is served here daily and dinner is served daily with the exception of Tuesdays.

ANSE CHASTANET menus always include vegetarian options and the resort culinary team is also happy to meet any other dietary requirements at any time.

Vegetarian Cuisine at Anse Chastanet

In the Piton lounge near the Treehouses, the resort serves an entirely vegetarian menu titled Emerald’s, showcasing the organic produce grown on the resort farm Emerald Estate in the Soufriere hills. Menu selections offer new tastes and combinations: Appetizers such as Goat’s Cheese Fondant, Balsamic Caramel, Apple Curry and Crispy Rain Forest Calabza Gnocchi; Entrees such as Tofu, Smoked Paprika, Sour Cream, Culantro, Cumin and Sweet Potato and Plantain Satay. Dinner is served daily with the exception of Tuesdays.

Dining on the Beach
The Trou au Diable Restaurant is located right on the Anse Chastanet beach. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The lunch menu offers a wide and varied choice of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers and Caribbean and Creole specialities.On Tuesday evenings, all guests enjoy a special Caribbean culinary evening in the Trou au Diable Restaurant, which commences with a cocktail reception at 6 30 p.m. The atmosphere is festive with the entire stretch of beach in front of the restaurant lit up by flambeau candles.
Apsara: Innovative East India – St.Lucia Fusion

In the evenings , the Trou au Diable restaurant is magically transformed and  offers a special Indian theme menu titled APSARA daily except Tuesday. APSARA is an innovative fusion of modern East Indian and Caribbean cooking, a celebration of St. Lucia historical and cultural ties with East India. Try the Apsara Jhinga : King Prawns in a Coconut, Chadon Benee and Chick-Pea Batter , Caribbean Mojo and Roasted Chili-Onion Pickle.    If heat is what you want, go for the Caribbean Goat Vindaloo: St Lucian Pickled Goat, Extra Hot Chillies and Garlic (try with a bowl of Basmati Rice or a Plain Naan). Very popular also the Machli Chat : Mahi Mahi marinated in Mango Pickle cooked in Tandoor, served with Fennel Seed Crushed Potatoes

Simple Grilled Fare
On all evenings except Tuesdays,  a beach grill menu is served  in the beach bar giving  guests the option to enjoy light grilled fare near the water’s edge in a casual setting.

Laid back with your feet in the sand :

The Jungle Beach Bar & Grill, located on the resort’s  second beach of Anse Mamin, is open from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily with lunch served from noon to 3:00. The relaxed and laid back atmosphere on this exotic soft sand beach makes the Jungle Grill a favourite with many of the resort guests.

For that extra special occasion : Dine under the Stars

Anse Chastanet arranges very special private dinner set ups some of which are quite elaborate with tents, flambeau torches paired with gourmet dining options prepared specially for you by the Executive Chef.  Choose from 2 different locations and 3 set up choices for private dining experiences.Dine in the Kai Mer cottage or at the water’s edge on Anse Chastanet beach. Pricing with set up and dinner plus wine ranges from US 325 to US 708 inclusive of 18% tax/service depending on choice of set up and menu. Why stop there? Let the resort arrange your private acoustic guitarist for the ultimate surprise. A great set up if you are trying to find the right moment and the right spot to pop that special question.

ANSE CHASTANET is very actively involved with the island’s local farmers to assist them in understanding which produce is essential to their culinary style. In addition to the organic resort farm Emerald’s , the resort has further expanded their own gardens, cultivating fresh herbs and fresh fruits which are grown amidst the historical ruins of the Anse Mamin plantation, part of ANSE CHASTANET’S 600 acre estate. Fruits gown on the estate include banana, passion fruit, tamarind, mango, avocado, oranges, tangerines, guavas, papaya, coconut to name just a few.

For more information or to book dinner if you are not staying at Anse Chastanet, call Tel 758 459 6100 or 1-800-223-1108, alternatively email them.  Anse Chastanet has their own wedding department and can cater to wedding parties up to 100 guests. Visit Anse Chastanet or their wedding website Elope to Paradise Weddings. Become a Facebook fan.
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