The Hot Shoe Lighting Workshops go to St. Lucia!

Photographers have an opportunity to learn from two of the industry’s best at St. Lucia’s ANSE CHASTANET and JADE MOUNTAIN Resorts from Oct  17-23, 2010.

Joe McNally, internationally acclaimed American photographer and long-time photojournalist, will conduct an intensive week of small flash education. “There is no more beautiful place to shoot, and to learn about light,” says Joe McNally who has had a longstanding photographic love affair with the resorts.

The educational program will be concluded with a special session by Scott Kelby, President of NAPP and the world’s best selling Photoshop author, who will come in for a very special, final afternoon session.

Educational Information

Classes will run from Monday October 18  thru Friday October 22.

Arrive October 17 and depart October 23 or 24.

The week will be an informative, intensive look at the possibilities of small flash, and the nature of what is beautiful light and how to use it to make your pictures more eloquent, expressive and beautiful. Each day will involve shooting all around the lush grounds of the resort, working with models, heading into jungle locations for action flash photography of mountain biking. During the “bad light” of the day, classroom sessions will take place discussing the theory and the practical use of flash photography. Each day of shooting will be followed the next day with a critique of the efforts in the field. The critique sessions will spur further investigation of the practical, fluid use of flash photography and how to improve your skills.

Using light well is the key to making good pictures. Light is the language of photography. It is how photographers write the story of our subjects. With 30 years experience as one of the top magazine photographers in the world, touted by American Photographer magazine as “perhaps the most versatile photographer working today,” Joe McNally knows light, and is renowned not only for his skills behind the camera but also his ability to convey those skills to others in a teaching environment. For five days, workshop participants will work with Joe and his assistants to ramp up their skills using flash, and deal with: Available light, and how to recognize good light; mixing flash with available light in a seamless and beautiful way; use of reflectors and diffusers; how to control and fire remote flashes for sophisticated, professional results; use of color and gels; the essentials of exposure; and how to craft a wonderful quality of portrait light which is essential to make storytelling photos of our subjects.

The Grand Finale

On the last day of the workshop, the one and only Scott Kelby comes in to teach you digital darkroom mastery. How to organize, move and finish your photos with post production skills is a huge challenge for photographers today, and Scott Kelby, photographer, President of NAPP, and the best selling Photoshop author in the world, will come in for a very special, final afternoon session on Friday to wrap up the week and make bring the experience of shooting pictures in the field come full circle in digital production. Joe and Scott are currently the two best selling authors in all of digital photography, world wide. Don’t miss this opportunity in paradise to learn from both of them!


The 5 day educational seminar is available to resident guests of ANSE CHASTANET and JADE MOUNTAIN. The seminar is US 1650.

Hotel Reservations

6 night packages  begin at US 2450  for a single occupancy standard room at Anse Chastanet.  The 6 night package are US 1565 per person in a double occupancy  standard room. The package rate includes airport round trip taxi  transfers, courtesy drinks package in room fridge on arrival, welcome reception,  all meals and tax and service.

Extra night rates, upgrades to other room categories at Anse Chastanet or sister hotel Jade Mountain are available.

For more information on the Hot Shoe Lighting Workshop, contact To make reservations for the seminar and hotel, contact 1-800-223-1108.



Scott is Editor, Publisher, and co-founder of Photoshop User magazine, Editor-in-Chief of Layers magazine (the how-to magazine for everything Adobe), and is the host of the top-rated weekly video podcast Photoshop User TV, and the host of D-Town TV, the weekly show for Nikon DSLR users). He is President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), the trade association for Adobe® Photoshop® users, and he’s President of the training, education, and publishing firm, Kelby Media Group, Inc.

Scott is a photographer, designer, and award-winning author of more than 50 books, including The Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers, Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks, Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop, The Photoshop Channels Book, Photoshop Classic Effects, The iPhone Book, The iPod Book, and is author of the all time bestselling book on digital photography, “The Digitial Photography Book (from Peachpit Press).

For five years straight, Scott has been honored with the distinction of being the world’s #1 best-selling author of all computer and technology books, across all categories.His books have been translated into dozens of different languages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Taiwanese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, and Portuguese, among others, and he is a recipient of the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award.

Scott is Training Director for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour and Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo. He’s featured in a series of Adobe Photoshop training DVDs and online courses at KelbyTraining .com and has been training photographers and Photoshop users since 1993.

For more information on Scott, visit his daily blog, The Photoshop Insider, at


Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed American photographer and long-time photojournalist. From 1994 until 1998, he was LIFE magazine’s staff photographer, the first one in 23 years. His most well known series is the “Faces of Ground Zero — Portraits of the Heroes of September 11th”, a collection of 246 giant Polaroid portraits shot in the Moby c Studio near Ground Zero in a three-week period shortly after 9/11. A large group of these historic, compelling life-size (9′ x 4′) photos were exhibited in seven cities in 2002, seen by almost a million people. The sale of 55,000 copies of the exhibit book, printed by LIFE, raised over $2 million for the 9/11-relief effort. This collection is considered by many museum and art professionals to be the most significant artistic endeavor to evolve to date from the 9/11 tragedy.

Some of McNally’s other renowned photographic series include, “The Future of Flying,” a cover & 32-page story, commemorating the centennial observance of the Wright Brothers’ flight and the future of aviation, which appeared in National Geographic Magazine, December 2003. Joe is a 25-year contributor to National Geographic, and this story was the first all digital shoot for the magazine. This issue was a National Magazine Award Finalist, and the magazine’s best-selling issue ever. In 2005, Joe shot a photo diary of the New York City Opera’s historic first tour to Japan as part of the World Expo 2005. Joe’s work has won numerous awards, and appeared in a variety of publications including New York Times magazine, National Geographic, Newsweek, ESPN Magazine, Men’s Journal, LIFE, and Fast Company.

McNally’s advertising, marketing and promotional work includes Nikon, Sony, Land’s End, MetLife, Bogen, Haggin Marketing, Lifetime, AGA Marketing, Kelby Media Group, Wildlife Conservation Society, American Ballet Theatre, Coleman, and FedEx, to name a few. In 2008, McNally published his critically acclaimed, award winning book, The Moment It Clicks, which has been touted as, “one foot on the coffee table and one foot in the classroom.” In 2009, McNally published his newest, much anticipated book, The Hotshoe Diaries. Just like its predecessor, it immediately rose to the top ten best selling books on Amazon, within the first week of publication.

Joe McNally is known internationally for his ability to produce technically and logistically complex assignments with expert use of color and light. As part of his teaching activities, he conducts numerous workshops around the world.

To see more of Joe’s work, as well as a schedule of his workshops, please go to:
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